Four Paws, Five Treasures LLC
Linda Vognar, DVM, CVA

Integrative Veterinary Medicine
Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese
Veterinary Medicine



Inquiries & House Call Appointments

4paws5treasures@gmail.com or (715)579-9472

Office Appointments
Oakwood Hills Animal Hospital
4616 Commerce Valley Road
Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Office based consultations
Thursday afternoon
Other times by special arrangement

(715) 835-0112


In Office and House Call Consultations including:

           Initial Consultation, Review of Medical Records

           Integrative Care Review and Dietary Recommendations

           Tongue and Pulse Diagnosis

           Dry Needle Acupuncture

           Dry Needle Augmentation (Electrical and Injections)

           Cold Laser Augmentation (Needless Acupuncture)

           Chinese Herbal Powders, Capsules, and Tinctures

           Traditional Chinese Medicine Prescription Diets

           Western Herbal Formulas  

           Laboratory Evaluations and Herbal Monitoring 

           Vaccine Titers

           Hospice Care / Peaceful Home Pet Euthanasia

         Anesthesia-Free Dental Clinics, Holistic Dental Products

Anesthesia-Free Dental Clinics:  March 5, April 2, May 7, 2013

at emBark Dog, Eau Claire.

call 715 643-2208 for an appointment

FOUR PAWS, FIVE TREASURES LLC does not provide primary veterinary care, vaccinations or emergency services.  All patients should have a family veterinarian who will be informed of services provided to your pet at your request.   Copies of medical records and imaging studies should be faxed or mailed for review prior to your first appointment.

Appointments & Services